Stag-O-Lee is busier than you think!

posted August 4th, 2017

Stag-O-Lee is busier than you think! A little update on the Stag-O-Lee activities. The following titles have been released in the meantime and should be available everywhere (well, almost everywhere):

Slow Grind Fever – Vol. 7 LP
Automatic City - Bongoes & Tremeloes LP+CD/CD
The Crazy Rhythms Of Mata Hari – Stag-O-Lee DJ Set #1 2-LP
Summertime - A Journey To The Center Of The Song 10"
Caribbean Audio Odysee - Vol. 2 10" and Vol. 1+2 CD

You find more info and tracklisting on these releases in the Releases section under Details.

And this is what we have scheduled for release until the end of this year:

Next in line is the first volume of Sicksville (more info soon) on limited edition 10“ as well as Songs From Satan's Jukebox – the first of two volumes, also on 10“ and limited as well.
We are already working on Buzzsaw Joint – Cut 3 on 12“ vinyl and a 10“ of the first volume of Coolsville, the sister series of Sicksville.
We will release the career overview by a band called Mudlow (from Brighton) on vinyl and CD (extended edition) titled Waiting For The Tide To Rise. Halloween will see the release of a new 45 by the mighty Marcel Bontempi, accompanied by a scary masterpiece of a video.
Buzzsaw Joint Cut 4 will see the light of day at the end of the year, as usual with a CD version combining Cut 3 with Cut 4.

Busy! Busy! Very important: Stag-O-Lee has a new minister of propaganda who will feed the facebook page with steady news. So we recommend you „like“ us in order not to miss vital news!!!!

Stag-O-Lee news!

posted May 14th, 2017

Stag-O-Lee news! Well, well, well. In the meantime we managed to release quite a few more records and CDs. Both Cuts of Buzzsaw Joint are out, as well as a CD with a mighty 32 tracks! Just received the tracks for Cut 3 - so there is more Buzzjoint Joint vinyl in the works.
Also out is the second volume of the Gunsmoke 10"-series and a CD that combines both volume on one silver disc. Enjoy dark talkes from a ghost town jukebox. Now!
Chris Sick Moore and Shamblin' Sexton delivered the masters for two volumes of the Swingin' Dick's Shellac Shakers (and great artwork to boot) - both are out now on limited edition 10".  Great releases, compiled by two DJ's with an ear for the groove and not by some dusty music libriarians. A compact disc with all 20 tracks was released as well.

You find more info and tracklisting on these releases in the Releases section under Details.

Out in late May: Slow Grind Fever 7 LP; Automatic City - Bongoes & Tremeloes LP+CD/CD.
Out in late June: The Crazy Rhythms Of Mata Hari 2-LP
Out in late July: Summertime - A Journey To The Center Of The Song 10"; Caribbean Audio Odysee - Vol. 2 10" and Vol. 1+2 CD.

Back in the saddle!

posted February 27th, 2017

Back in the saddle! Unfortunately I had to neglect this website for a long time due to health reasons. I definitely hope that things are going to be better in future, although I had that hope plenty of times in the last three years of my damn hospital odysee. Fingers crossed!

I have updated this site with all the new Stag-O-Lee releases - just check under Releases (Details & Listing) for further info.

I also have plenty of records lined up which I hopefully will unleash onto the trillions of Stag-O-Lee fans in the next few months. Next in line will be Cut 2 of the Buzzsaw Joint series as well as a CD that combines Cut 1+2. Also the 2nd volume of the great Gunsmoke series on 10" and a CD for Vol. 1+2. April will see two volumes in the new Swingin' Dick's Shellac Shakers series - two 10" released at the same time (plus a CD as usual) - if you dig the Savage Rhythm album or the Jungle Jive 10" these are for you.
In May we have a secret release (a killer double album, vinyl only) and the second record by Automatic City called Bongoes And Tremolos (a giant step forward). Stag-O-Lee will celebrate it's 100th release with a vinyl double album and 32 tracks taken from the Spoonful series. Plus there is a new volume of Slow Grind Fever in the making, the second Caribbean Audio Odysee 10", a record by the Starphonics, a compilation titled Songs From Satan's Jukebox (with Country songs about the devil), more Jukebox Fever, a 3rd volume in the Journey To The Center Of the Song series, a 7" by our fave German artist and many many more...

The Stagoleeshop webite will be re-opened soon!

Stagoleeshop to re-open on Saturday!

posted April 14th, 2016

Stagoleeshop to re-open on Saturday! Only a few days and the wait is over. Stagoleeshop - the Stag-O-Lee online record emporium - will re-open on Saturday, the 16th of April. It is Record Store Day (however, as a mailorder we do not have access to RSD titles), but we have plenty of new rekkids listed for your enjoyment.

New and old titles by fave labels like Doghouse & Bone (the new Alexis Evans LP - Soul Daptone-style), Sleazy Records, Jukebox Jam, Popcorn, Crypt, two new Buttshakers LPs, the great The Sound Of Bassy Vol. 2 compilation (by Stag-O-Lee artist Don Rogall) and a ton of other releases I dig. And of course all the Stag-O-Lee releases at rock bottom prices.

Check it out at
nächste Seite

Brandnew Releases

  • Sicksville Sicksville
  • Songs From Satan's Jukebox Songs From Satan's Jukebox

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